Facebook page is up

October 10, 2010

Hey all. Just wanted to announce the Facebook page is up for my animation studio “Crazy Canuck Animations”. There you will be able to contact me or get further updates on what stuff I’m working on. Please check it out if you are interested and feel free to comment. Thanks all…later.





October 7, 2010

Completed the first draft of the script for my first animated short film, “May Result In Death”. Finished writing it on my wife’s laptop while watching Baby Neptune with my 7 month old daughter.

Just need to get back to work on designing the visuals and then starting work on the storyboards. Not sure if anyone is reading this but I’m having fun writing it πŸ™‚

Back to work…will post again soon.

Found it!

May 10, 2010

Thank goodness I found it. With my main camera (Logitech QuickCam Pro 6000) still missing I had decided to use my digital still camera but could not find the important piece to attach the camera to the tripod.

As is usually goes that lost things are found when you stop looking for them, during some late night “nesting” (as my wife calls it) I found the elusive missing piece for the tripod.

Woohoo! Now I will be able to start playing around again and start trying my hands at some animation tests.

Hoping all goes well and I will soon be posting new stuff online that I will of course link to this site.

Coming along

April 12, 2010

Making slow progress to reclaim space in the basement to set up my animation area while my computer is in the shop. Good news is that it’s just the video card. Will be setting up Carbonite account soon to make sure I don’t take any chances on losing any important files when I get back to work on my animations.

Since acquiring official logo for my “studio” I will also be getting a high-quality print out done to post on wall for inpiration on getting the grunt work done.

That is all for now, especially when I have a 1 month old baby girl who waking up and requires my attention. Family first…animation second πŸ™‚

More work to do

March 24, 2010

Work in basement is coming along nicely, during which I can continue taking inventory on what animation supplies I need to re-stock on.

Will need to make a trip to local Home Depot soon to check prices on wood and other materials I will need for set building.

So excited that I’m making any process in getting my animation space setup πŸ™‚